Sirens Calling

by The Patient Zeros

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Jeff Rohrer
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Jeff Rohrer "This neighborhood I call home." Favorite track: Capitol Hill.
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released March 4, 2016



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The Patient Zeros Denver, Colorado


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Track Name: Strangers
If my hands start shaking now
The trigger could be warm before it's ever beckoned into performing out
And if the sun comes out
I'll be too cold to shout for her
I hope she finds me in the dirt I'm standing in
I hope she finds me in the dirt I'm standing in

Sometimes timing is everything
Sometimes timing is nothing
Well let me say
I've got nothing in my hands
Speaking of the time
Took scissors, cut out your valentine
Were we strangers then?
Will we be strangers again?
Will we ever be strange again?

So disregard your role
Cause when you start to lose control I bet you'll never even care
And they'll shake your shoulders
And they'll say they're on your side
And they'll ask you when your hands are emptied why another falls inside
But you know what you've got there
So you'll never even care
Yeah you know what you've got there
So you'll never even care.
Track Name: Hola, Zengo
Dangle me on a string
And hang my in your room
Smiling's all you gotta do
And I would give you anything
Am I a chapter in your book
Or are you a chapter inside mine
I guess we both don't have the space
For something we can't erase
If we could I'd take the time
If we could I'd take a look
If we could I'd say hello

I heard your heart was won
But you said that it was stolen
And when I found the man you named
He said you just gave it away
He said you had so many spare
People giving you their love like they don't care

Your disappearing act is great
An island in a landlocked state
Whether found or made or stolen, broken, or just created
You escape the plan you hate
Let's not leave the bottle waiting
Dangle me up from your string
Cut me down when I'm asleep
I will land me on my feet
Line them up for you and me
Oh here's to recovery
Oh here's to recovery
If I could I'd say hello.
Track Name: Surreality
Yeah the end is just like the beginning
Yeah the end is just like the beginning
Beg that car to crash
As long as we have wheels we're spinning
Yeah the end is just like the beginning

Close your eyes, try to sleep like you're dying
Close your eyes, but she still lives in your eyelids
There is something true
About the girl your dreams gave back to you
Close your eyes, but she still lives in your eyelids

You see her once, you blink two times
You see her once, you blink two times

Just a dream, but the feeling still lingers
Just a dream that you can touch with your fingers
Surreality is the only reality to me
Just a dream that you can touch with your fingers

You see her once, you blink twice
You see her once, one, two

Yeah the end
Yeah the end
Yeah the end.
Track Name: Militoid
It's the end of control
Might be time to roll over in the hole I dig
You left room for a stone at the head

I know that you've gotta
Be the screw or screwdriver

Don't give into the fold
Might get hurt when I turn, spin
The way you overreact when I react
Makes me second guess every myth every fact I know

But you've gotta
Be the screw or screwdriver

So you're out of ideas
Your'e in a room in your mind
That you feel has been a little
Shy on the size, don't you?

And you've gotta
Be the screw or screwdriver
Be the screw or screwdriver

Well you know that you've gotta
Be the screw or screwdriver
Be the screw or screwdriver.
Track Name: Lovesickened
If I had to go and break your heart, well, thats a start
If I broke the egg too I guess the yolk on my hand is for you
So the dream is over, the rooster's gonna crow
I'm surprised you didn't know that its time to start the show

And I could dig in the dirt till I don't miss the sunshine
Till the ashes of happiness are under my nails
Till the one that you knew is being buried alive
And I won't apologize

Honestly its honesty that makes me the villain
And the girl that I'm killing can't breath till I tell her more lies
And I'm so full of truth that I'm spilling over
Creating a mess that I love but just wait until I'm done to say I've made a mistake

Here comes that feel like I feel getting hotter
And my throat opens up for just a second but I
I couldn't even swallow just a spoonful of water
And I won't apologize

Or give back what I owe
The truth's if I'm in debt, I'm alone

So I'll go quietly to bed, but if you think I'll sleep, you're dreaming
I'll try to take out, try to make, I'm never satiated
And though I've got my foot stuck in a trap that I've created
I'll forget my freedom to forgive myself to never take
The desperate or in desperate measures that might ever lead to escape

Take apart my heart just to see what's inside
And I'll dig in the dirt till I'm standing in it
If love makes us sick then who am I begging to die?
If love makes us sick then I won't apologize
No I won't apologize
No I won't apologize
No I won't apologize
No no no no no no no no
No I won't
No i won't
No I won't
No I won't.
Track Name: Nomosa
Make it round and easier to push around
It's not taking care, its just staring at the weight you bare
If Nobody sees how heavy a spoonful can be
Then I suppose I can chew it mouth closed
The man with the snot nose, and the punches he throws
Could be found in any fist might be around
And the knuckles he can't quit from eating, it's what he feeds himself
Will stop him short

But can't keep my mouth from watering
You lick your wounds because you're bleeding, and its not perfume
But the fumes you keep on breathing when the room thats burning is your room
In the sunlight, I can't sleep right
Touch your lips and fold your arms
Who's hands on my bootstraps?
Because they're not mine
And I believe in the sound, the therapy
As we pour another round

There's two hands on my bootstraps
Might not pull me up, no just around.
Track Name: Part i
My head tilts back and I taste salt, but it's not your fault
I heard a voice when I took the call, it didn't say much at all
You disappeared and made survivors of us all, of us all

Meet the headlights with my fear, and my ears hark
And if I can't see so clear, I'm a deer in the dark
Maybe I just needed my heart broken once, and that's a start
Yeah that's a start

Frustrated for those not ripe, and don't know age
Frustrated, only read half a page, the book's to blame
Everyone is born as equal, but we don't die the same
Don't you know your name
Your name
Your name is bigger than the game

Sometimes the stars just don't align, they shine is all
And so the part I see at night, can't always recall
I hope I don't forget your voice

I hope I don't forget your voice

And if my blood don't set me apart at all...
Track Name: Part ii
I would take the breath that's in my lungs
Yeah I could take the breath that's in my lungs
And give it away

I could weigh the heart that's in my chest
Yeah I would break the heart that's in my chest
And give it a rest

My years, forfeit
I'd give up them all
My God, I quit
Not getting old at all

Still I dream in imagined cities
And I come back laughing from made up memories

And I'll keep it the same

Sirens calling, I can hear my name
Eyelids falling, these dreams keep me awake
Track Name: Waiting
I let the wolf in
I couldn't leave him in the wind
Oh it was howling
It stopped while he was breathing in, he laughed, I heard the wind again

And when he faced me
My knuckles frightened white at best
And my face erased
He only wanted just a taste, left me for you to have the rest

Lookout now, lookout
The doctor's out
Saw my reflection
I took a look, I had to see, I saw the wolf is me

You begged me not to stay
But there wasn't much left anyway, so

I let the wolf in
That howling is coming from within
Oh he was starving
Nobody offered to come help, I had to break my heart myself
Track Name: Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill, my heart beats slow for you still
I swear I'll get back, I will, yeah I'll get back on the hill

Walking alone, my neighborhood walks me home
Sirens ring out like a phone, as I'm walking alone
Just took two birds with two stones, this neighborhood I call home

Capitol Hill, think I won't get back, I will
If they've got room for me still, then I'll get back on the hill

Taking my time, my teeth reflect the moonlight
If your silhouette is upright, then you're adopted by night
So if you speak to me right, then I just might take a bite

Capitol Hill, the sunset murders the till
Cash register pays the bill to keep out Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, I've got some girls to kill
Capitol Hill, I hear the sirens call still

I've been away, do you remember my face?
You remember my heartbreak, well I give back all I take
Recall you left me for ill, I know I survived but still...

Capitol Hill, recycle me like you will
I stand on my windowsill, my heart beats slow for you still.
Track Name: Part iii
So we took off for New York in a matchbox that could hardly leave the ground
And we thought high thoughts but we didn't say a word, yeah we didn't make a sound
When everyone's got one thing on their mind whats the use in saying it out loud?
So we tucked our mouths and prepared to land, and I do not mean the fear of touching down

But in the end, its not the end that its about

If I'm seeing one thing, it's the truth deserves the chance to take a bow
And the heaviest truth ever set down is the one we've got to carry now
Gathered in the sunlight in November like we know its colder soon
Well sorry sir, I hope you brought good shoes, because its only standing room

Well in the room, its not the shoes that its about
What kind of game
What kind of game
Are we playing?
I keep getting older, you stay the same

So we celebrated through kaleidoscopes like we have never done before
And the crowd is in the streets, they want an encore, they want more and more and more
Cause the years they got are beat to hell, you can hardly tell there's twenty-four
Yeah every one was not intact, no caution served, they want to change the score

In the end, we're all fools for missing out

So you're standing in the taillights where its dark enough to be there and pretend
Not to hear, not to fear, not to focus on the end like its the end
We create kaleidoscopes by saying one thing, saying one thing out loud

Well I know that you're distracted...
Track Name: Part ii (and a half)
Silver smoke, still as photographs
My head tilts back and I just laugh
These memories, I paid for half

Still I know
In the end, its amazing that somehow
We pretend that the smoke's not filling out
Every inch of every room inside this house
Forgive me please, but its time to wake up now.